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Warrior of God Knees
Warrior of God

Conversations of Courage is a BLOG page with a mission dedicated to equip, empower, edify and encourage women of all ages who have endured abuses, trials, and traumas in life.

With every post, our hope is that each word will bring you, the reader closer to understanding that the past hurts endured does not determine their destiny.

It is our honor and privilege to be able to speak into your life. Our desire is that with every conversation, the reader will gain the strength to pick up their sword, receive a new perspective of who they are, and take the steps necessary to fight against the lies that have kept them in the bondage of self-hate, low self-esteem and victimization for far too long!

Father God, we thank you right now for each woman (and possibly man) who has found this page. We pray that your Holy Spirit fall upon them as they read. That you open their eyes to see themselves thru your eyes and open their ears to hear your soft still voice speak of your love for them. We pray that this be the first, second or tenth step towards their freedom. We pray that the author(s) be given a special anointing to water the seeds you will plant in hearts. Thank you Lord for the revival you will pour upon each woman as they surrender their lives to you! In JESUS Name, AMEN!