Embrace your Uniqueness!

It has taken me a long time to accept my curls! It’s how GOD created me and my curls cannot be replicated by anyone else because GOD gave them to membrace your uniquenesse! He customized me that way! In the same manner, there are gifts, talents and callings that are tailored for me alone, but not so I can horde them but so in using them I can be
a blessing to many others that HE puts in my path! The beautiful thing is that HE has done the same for YOU! Maybe you don’t know what it is, maybe you don’t feel worthy to walk in a gift HE’s given you or maybe you’re so disappointed by the hurts inflicted on you that you’ve given up!! DON’T give up!! Believe HIM when HE said “I am with you always”!! HE created the heavens and the earth, HE created your heart as unique as it is, do you not think that he can wrap HIS arms around you, encourage you and be WITH you as HE guides you to try one more time? Know who you are – find your uniqueness and share it as the Lord leads! But don’t wait to long because there are many of us waiting just for YOU ?