Ending 2015


2015 2016In a few days the year will change from 2015 to 2016 on our calendars, similarly to how a Monday changes to a Tuesday. Time continues to march forward and there is little we can do to stop time or even slow it down. But what we can do with time, is choose how to fill it. As we each reflect on this past year, there might be new hurts endured, past hurts still being dealt and joys sprinkled around. Reflection is a great exercise that should be practiced often. Reflecting on this past year will help you remember those moments that you thought would destroy you and it didn’t. It will help you remember how many new things you learned about yourself and others; some good and some not so good. It can enable you to see your growth from the beginning of the year until now! Reflection can be our measuring bar of growth! Look back, reflect, and start writing down your vision for 2016. It doesn’t have to be anything big like taking over the world (although if that’s your goal then go ahead) but smaller more measurable things like praying more consistently, smiling more often, talking more positively, or loving yourself more. It can also be reading at least one book or losing at least 10 pounds. It’s your vision for the life HE has given you. Confer with HIM, write it down, create a plan and go into action!!! I’ll be praying for ya!! ?

With sword in my hand and love in my heart ~ Cynthia