No Appreciation

Frustration grows when we do so much with no recognition or appreciation from those close; those that are supposed to see. Philosopher William James said, “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated”. This is a frustration suffered by many women and men. As we enter a New Year, a new chapter in our lives, I encourCol 3-23age you to rethink how you feel about this. I encourage you to not allow your craving for appreciation and recognition to overwhelm you. As you become overwhelmed by these feelings, it might cloud your view on the other blessings you are surrounded with. The Apostle Paul wrote in Col 3:23-24 basically that whatever you do, do it full heartedly BUT as onto the LORD not as onto MAN. Once you shift your view from pleasing people around you, those that will never be satisfied with anything you do or say, and focus on HIM, who showers us with unconditional love daily, life can become a bit more easier. Personally, when I began to practice this thinking shift, my actions, thoughts and overall view of my life changed drastically. View the video, Invisible Woman, below and see it from Nicole’s perspective.


With sword in hand and love in my heart ~ Cynthia