Are you there yet?

Are you where you want to be? We are into the second month of 2016. Many of us made certain commitments to ourselves at the end of last year for change in this New Year; are you where you want to be? Maybe you committed to starting your day with prayer and reading of God’s word; are you there? Maybe you committed to changing your eating habits and living healthier; are you there? Maybe you committed to being more grateful and content with what you have and stop envying what others have; are ygirl on trackou there? Maybe you committed to smiling more instead of being so grumpy; are you there? Maybe you committed to looking yourself in the mirror and loving what GOD has made you to be instead of hating what you see; are you there? The journey to change begins with one small step! An actress isn’t a superstar overnight; it takes lower level roles for her to be noticed for her talent. A musician isn’t a rock star overnight; it takes playing in stinky bars for them to be noticed for their talents. The same goes for us! Maybe we haven’t woken up every day to read and pray but we did some days. Maybe we smiled two times and were grumpy the rest of the day. Maybe we looked at ourselves in the mirror and told ourselves “you look marvelous” (with Billy Crystal accent) only one day in the last two months. That’s okay! We made the effort and we have taken the steps to change! You see, the change began when we first acknowledged we needed one, whatever it is. We took those first steps when we actually did what we committed. We proved to ourselves that YES, we are capable of change. I encourage us to continue making the choice to take the next step, then the next. Before we know it, what seemed to be a challenge at the end of 2015 will become customary by the end of 2016!

~ With sword in hand and love in my heart!