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Today’s society lacks respect for one another. Furthermore, many lack respect for themselves! We have one LIFE, as such we have to choose who surrounds us and who has the right to speak into our lives. We have the privilege of creating the LIFE we want, with Gods direction. Our lives might have started badly, but it’s our choices that will determine RESPECT2how our LIFE ends. Boundaries are important to ensure we create the LIFE we want. Boundaries are the first step to showing the world the love and respect we have for ourselves. If we can’t love and respect ourselves how are we to love and respect others. We TEACH others how to TREAT us, but if we don’t know how we would like to be treated then how can we teach it? The boundaries you set for yourself might be different than the ones I have for me. Nonetheless, we must set boundaries in our lives. Without them we allow others to treat us badly! ?